170g Sun-Pat Smooth Peanut Butter

200g Dark Chocolate, melted

Hot Milk to serve

Lolly Sticks

How to make

  • Using a butter knife, spread the Sun-Pat Smooth Peanut Butter into the holes of a lightly greased ice cube tray.

  • Push a wooden lollipop stick into the centre of each Sun-Pat Smooth Peanut Butter cube.

  • Place in the freezer overnight to become hard.

  • Carefully remove the peanut butter lollies from the ice cube tray and dip into the melted chocolate. Place on a lined baking tray in the freezer for 30 minutes.

  • Repeat the process again for a second, thicker layer of chocolate.

  • Serve the chocolate peanut sticks with hot mugs of milk and all you have to do is stir!